The Exclusive Marriage Ceremony of Jason Wu and Gustavo Rangel
The Exclusive Marriage Ceremony of Jason Wu and Gustavo Rangel

It has been reported recently through various social media platforms that the globally popular fashion designer “Jason Wu” has now been married in Tulum to her longtime boyfriend named “Gustavo Rangel”.

As a matter of fact, in their honor, a grand party was organised by the family where numerous celebrities could be seen all together. These special stars mainly involved Caroline Issa, blogger Bryanboy, and Diane Kruger.

Moreover, the most special segment of the party was the cake-cutting segment which added true charm to the festivity. At the same time, the specially set DJ by “Wu” himself played an additive part of making the celebration livelier.

In addition to this, it would be pertinent to mention here that the black-tie pool was the most significant and attractive zone of this special event. The sparkling decorative lights were also one of the special effects exclusively being adjusted at special areas of the venue.  

Most importantly, everyone was dressed up in a very special and fashionable way according to the event requirements. The couple seemed highly delighted with all the special aspects of the party and the happiness could be easily seen on their charming faces.


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