The wife of Lord Frederick Windsor “Sophie” Talks about Prince George
The wife of Lord Frederick Windsor “Sophie” Talks about Prince George

Sophie, the wife of Lord Frederick Windsor is of the opinion that Prince George is “very

articulate little boy”. The children of Lord Frederick Windsor’s, who is also the son of the

Queen’s cousin “Prince Michael of Kent”, are relatives of Prince George and her sister Princess

Charlotte. They have already celebrated a very good time at the palace and enjoyed their play

out there.

While having a conversation with “Hello Magazine”, Sophie informed that they were given an

invitation to Kensington Palace before the birth of Princess Charlotte. After visiting the palace

with her elder daughter previously, she shared her thoughts about Prince George’s intelligence

after observing the long discussions of this 20 months old boy with the other kids of his group

age during.

The television comedy shows actress, Sophie seemed in the “Peep Show and Two And A Half

Men” and now gave birth to her new baby girl “Isabella” in the mid of January this year.

She is also the sister of Claudia Winkleman, who is the representative of British television. The

couple informed that the Queen was also very pleased and excited upon their child’s birth

when they informed her about the arrival of this new family member.

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