Capsule; Apparels and Accessories Collection
Capsule; Apparels and Accessories Collection

A mega gathering of the supreme apparel collections and accessories from throughout the world, known as Capsule is expected to be held upon 25th-27th June 2016. As a matter of fact, the concerned participants are trying to shape such a special community that would be proven to be a great help in the shaping of future fashion industry.

This special trade show was exclusively launched in the year 2007 as a unique innovation of fashion consultancy BPMW in order to organised a universal network of certain compatible people who can actually hypothesize, produce, generate, wish for and purchase all those collections that symbolize a new idea of further advancement.

However, different artists, policymakers, supporters, and designers get together during this mega event nearly ten times in a year in three different cities. The world’s most admired; valued and fashionable labels and designers usually become the participants of this gargantuan event. In the view of this, the most innovative, creative as well as highly established brands are usually chosen to take part in Capsule.

So, it would not be wrong to say that this special event is the most preferred gathering for the world’s highly valuable and acknowledged retailers who get an opportunity to look upon the extremely fascinating collections in a highly convenient environment out there.  

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