David Beckham Remarkable Services for Children Better Lives
David Beckham Remarkable Services for Children Better Lives

The past footballer and fashion icon “David Beckham” received a “Danny Kaye Humanitarian Leadership Award” by UNICEF few days back in Los Angeles among many other celebrities.

Since 2005, David Beckham has been a well-known ambassador of UNICEF and was selected as a beneficiary of this firm. He worked hard for the betterment of Children lives at a global level and offered his services through his previously launched charity 7 titled” The David Beckham UNICEF Fund”.

After receiving a tribute from his older friends Elton John and David Furnish, he expressed his feelings about children deaths because of numerous unnecessary infections and how the global children are endangered because of exceeding exploitation and viciousness.

In this regard, he also promised his immense support to global children in terms of providing them safety, peace, good health and optimistic future at the same time by relating his in-depth feelings for them to his own four children.

However, his wife “Victoria Beckham” also expressed her gratitude towards her husband’s remarkable services by uploading his picture on Instagram and wrote few comments from her own self and her Children Brooklyn, Romeo, Cruz and Harper x “immense love for him.

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