Trevor Andrew as an official member of Gucci
Trevor Andrew as an official member of Gucci

It has been reported recently that the creative director of Gucci “Alessandro Michele” has displayed his creative revolution in Milan during the autumn/winter show of 2016.  His creations exclusively involved the clothes inspired by bourgeois Renaissance. In addition to this, he came up with an exceptional collection of outstanding hand bags that were a collaborative effort of himself and the graffiti artist Trevor Andrew, who is commonly known by a name of Gucci Ghost.

Alessandro Michele was the one who brought Gucci Ghost as one of the official members of this exceptional brand based on his extraordinary talent. According to WWD, Michele talked about the genius revolution of Trevor in terms of using the name of the company in a highly artistic way. Additionally, he was of the opinion that this is completely different from the idea of copying where the concept is just to use the company’s symbols through the graffiti like language.

Laissez-faire approach by Michele makes him distinctive from other new generations. This is mainly because of the convenient handling of Michele in terms of getting it absolutely passed while introducing any special idea for the company.

So it would not be wrong to say that he is the one who is brave enough to take risks.

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