Fitness Law for Upcoming Models in France and California
Fitness Law for Upcoming Models in France and California

According to a new rule, a health certificate from an authentic doctor would be a compulsion in

future for all those models, who want to start their modeling career in the state of California.

The member of California State “Marc Levine” has projected this law with an intention of

fighting with the disorders of models related to eating. A similar law has been proposed

previously in France as well.

According to a report by “The Fashion Law”, periodic health check-ups, medical testing and

nutrition consultations would be the prime rules related to models health that would be

implemented by the Department of Public Health of California and the board of Occupational

Safety and Health Standards. However, likely the French models health laws, the procedures of

an individual’s health resolution are not clarified yet.

In the view of this, all those companies would be liable to pay high fines like that of French bill

who would be found in hiring any model without carrying a health certificate approved by a

fitness expert.

Levine and Nikki DuBose, who is also the former model, while talking about the danger of

models eating disorders, stresses the need of law making regarding this distressing dilemma.

In this regard, Israel and France are the two major countries, where lawful requirements for

models health are momentously needed.

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