Zayn Malik’s Perception about Education
Zayn Malik’s Perception about Education

Zayn Malik, one of the youngest musicians presently, left his Bradford sixth school life in order to fulfill his music related desires as one fifth of One Direction in the year 2011. Meanwhile, he gave a suspension to his English studying passion.

In this regard, while talking to “The Sunday Times”, he informed about his desire to get back to the university life, although, the UCAS deadlines for 2016 entry have been missed out by him. 

His new album, that was highly being looked for is expected to be launched in March. However, having a five years pause in his learning hopes, he has now decided to get back to accomplish his passion about education.

Focusing his perspective of obtaining the education, he is of the opinion that acquiring the desired learning is not a big deal these days, instead, it is just a matter of educating yourself whether in university or at home.

Having a responsible parenting background, Zayn Malik also admits the value of education to be acquired for his kids’ future as well, where giving excuses to the children will never work if they react on forcing to learn while knowing about your own education scenarios. 

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