Gucci Rejects See Now Buy Now Fashion Calendar
Gucci Rejects See Now Buy Now Fashion Calendar

It has been reported that after the rejection of Gucci’s new see now buy now fashion calendar, the followers of Gucci would wait for another six months for his exclusive collection that they saw during the catwalk. According to the CEO of French luxury company Kering “Francois-Henri Pinault”, whose role is also to look after Gucci and many other well-established fashion brands, this novel concept, exclusively introduced by “Burberry and Tom Ford of Gucci” denies the wish of superfluity and this new strategy of making people wait would produce a special desire of acquiring these products.

On the other hand, the catwalk based shows are considered as a way of communication for most of the brands. “Bloomberg” reported that the controller of Yves Saint Laurent, Pinault and two other brands named Balenciaga and Alexander McQueen are the focal names in this regard. It has also been informed that Burberry’s decision would be dependent on their suitability of brand and luxury visualization.

However, Kering and Gucci’s upcoming performance is under consideration these days. It is a second season of this company with Alessandro Michele who is its creative director and Pinault is absolutely secure in discerning that broken things can’t be fixed. 

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